valorant’s new character reveal

On October 13th, Valorant is heading into it’s 3rd season, also called the 3rd Act. With this new season, there is also a new agent coming to its roster. An Australian agent named Skye with some cool supernatural abilities.

Skye is an agent meant to be played more passive than others. You are able to summon birds to scout out enemies nearby and can also summon a wolf that you can control that can blind when attacking an enemy.

Here are her list of abilities you can use:

  1. Healing Trinket – allows Skye to heal allies within line of sight and certain range, but is unable to heal herself.
  2. Take control of spirits – Skye can send out a hawk that is useful for scouting but can also flash enemies if encountered. She can also summon a Tasmanian tiger that can be detonated to produce a blast that can deal damage to enemies directly hit by it.
  3. Ultimate – Sky’s ultimate ability allow her to shoot out “Seekers” that hunt down three of the closest enemies. When enemies are hit, it will produce a “nearsight” effect that limits their field of view.

In addiction to the new agent, there will also be a new map, “Icebox”, and a new battle pass for Act III.

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