‘Fall Guys’ season 2 news

According to the official Fall Guys twitter, season 2 will officially begin on October 8, 2020. Those who have been waiting for the longtime revealed season 2 will now have three days to earn double fame points, from October 5th to October 8th! The game is still currently only available for the PC and PS4 and does not support cross-platform.

To hopefully answer some of your questions around dates:

The countdown in the game says Season 1 will end 5th October. We’re changing this.

Season 1 will now end 8th October.

Season 2 will start 8th October.

From 5th October until 8th October – Double fame points!

-Fall Guys Twitter

For those who haven’t seen the official season 2 trailer, you can watch it here, but it will be a very cool Viking theme. Along with the Fall Guys twitter sharing this news, they also said “Announcing dates always feels like your cursing things, but it’s Halloween month, so let’s get cursed!”.

With this new Viking themes season, there won’t only be new costumes, but also new game modes and maps inspired by “quests from the middle ages”. This might bring many new players to the game and many people back, but will Fall Guys be able to stay afloat with the lack of streamers playing this game? We will find out as you can join in on the fun on October 8th. See you in the races!

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