Call of duty: warzone season 6: Rundown

In the Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 trailer that was released on September 28, we get a quick overview of what we will see this season, including at least one new gun, and the biggest reveal, a subway system thats route is shown at the end of the trailer.

Haunting of Verdansk

There has not been much revealed about this limited time mode coming on October 20th, other than its, obviously, Halloween themed.

From looking at the logo and short tease in the trailer, it looks as if the lights will be turned off in Verdansk to make things spooky and hopefully, fingers crossed, some zombies lurking around the corners.

Subway System

It is seems as if the newly implemented subway system will be the fasted way around the map. From looking at the map, it has seven stops, stopping at the most contested areas:

  1. International Airport
  2. Lozoff Pass
  3. Verdansk Center
  4. Downtown/Tovorsk District
  5. Barakett Shopping District
  6. Verdansk Train Station
  7. Torsk Bloc

New Weapons

Other than the map changes brought in from season 6, here are also two new weapons implemented and what Activision has to say about them:

  1. SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle (DMR) (Tier 15)

“This bolt-action marksman rifle comes as one of the most accurate weapons in its class and with a breadth of customization options. From alternate ammo choices to bolt assembly changes and more, no matter how this weapon is configured, it’s a powerful yet mobile tool for a marksman on the go.”

– Activision

2. AS-VAL (Tier 31)

“This assault rifle, the 13th member of this weapon category, is a rare Soviet powerhouse chambered in subsonic 9x39mm ammunition and is pre-equipped with an integral suppressor. Combined with the weapon’s high rate of fire, the AS-VAL is built for stealth, accuracy, and high penetration, all on a highly configurable platform.”

– Activision

New Operators

The two new operators that are available now in season 6 are from the main story, Farah and Nikolai. Farah can be unlocked immediately through the battle pass whereas Nikolai will take more grinding for tier 100 in the battle pass. Let’s be honest, who looks more bad ass?

Will you be grinding out the battle pass to unlock all the rewards this week? Let us know down below!

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