PS5 Standard vs. PS5 Digital Edition

As of June 15, 2020 during the PS5 event that SONY hosted, they announced the long-awaited Playstation 5. Well, the TWO new PS5’s, the Standard Edition and the Digital Edition. If you missed the event and haven’t looked into it, this short article will give you some ideas of which one will outshine the other. 

The Battle

The difference in price for these two systems are not far apart. The standard PS5 is going to run you $499.99 whereas the Digital Edition is only $399.99. How will this $100.00 affect your decision on which to get?

For starters, one of the biggest differences in these two pieces of hardware is the missing disc drive in the Digital Edition, but….is that all?

ps5 bundle

Unfortunately the only differences between these two systems is in fact, the disc drive. There will be no other hardware or software differences between the two versions, making your decision that much easier, and easier on your wallet as well. Some good news is that both systems will be able to play the same games, and you can check out the PS5 exclusives and third-party games coming to this next-gen console here.

For those that have a hobby collecting physical discs of games will most likely buy the standard edition that will run an extra $100.00 if they choose, while people that don’t share the same hobby will probably have the easier decision to make and will save them a couple bucks. 

You can check out more specific stats on both consoles on Sony’s official website.

Which one will you be picking up? Let us know down below.

Take a look at the different titles releasing exclusively for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

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